4 de Abril - NOITE DE JAZZ com DIATRIBES feat. João Pedro Viegas & Bruno Parrinha

Laurent Peter/d'incise: laptop, objects, treatements
Cyril Bondi: drums, percussions
João Pedro Viegas: bass clarinet, tenor sax
Bruno Parrinha: alto sax, alto clarinet
"magnetic meeting, desire of a free expression, interaction, intensity and fluctuation of the energy level, breaths, quiverings, cracklings, bearings, masses, crash, chaos, between free jazz and electroacoustic approach. Hidden rage, somewhat disillusioned feeling in glance of a society whose future leaves us dubitative. Impregnated urban context, the sound matter builds, becomes deformed, tears off influence of the reason, implose and becomes again the dream which is spread out behind our eyelids "

Entrada - 3€
Links: yahoo e last.fm

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