13 de Fevereiro 23h - Concerto Aurélien Claranbaux

Aurélien Claranbaux

Self taught, he discovers the button instrument in 1996 at St-Chartier and obtain his first accordion one year later. After a short passage in the association "Mascaret", he joins the band "Les Tortues Véloces" in 1999 and discovers the pleasures of the stage as well as to play to make people dancing.
It scoops out its influence in dance rhythms from center of France and from Bretagne but also in improvised musics, word musics, rap, rock...
He makes the band "Zef" in 2001 with Laurent GEOFFROY, join Minuit Guibolles in 2003, makes Travudia in 2004 then Dites 34 in 2006. It's in this one where he approaches in a more concrete way improvisation and concert music playing with several musicians of jazz.

Entrada - 4€

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